Dr. Nudrat R. Nauman of Advanced Pediatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings dedication, compassion and extensive experience to providing unparalleled care for children including annual physical exams, which are an essential part of pediatrics to detect growth or developmental problems as early as possible.

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What does a pediatric checkup entail?

Like their parents, children should have a checkup with their doctor every year. During this annual exam, each child’s height, weight, and other vital information are recorded, followed by a complete physical examination. Other specific screenings are performed, depending on the child’s age. This may include a hearing, vision, or cholesterol screening. Children also receive all immunizations, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Nauman additionally uses this time to discuss age-appropriate milestones with parents, and answer questions regarding their child’s health and development. An annual checkup also offers Dr. Nauman an awareness of each child’s growth and development over time, which enables her to detect any emerging or potentially problematic issues to keep an eye on.

Why are vaccines necessary?

Vaccines protect your child and all those he or she comes in contact with from numerous serious, even life-threatening diseases. Many diseases, such as smallpox and polio, are now virtually eliminated in this country, thanks to vaccines. An unvaccinated child who is exposed to a disease may not have the strength or immunity to fight it off. Dr. Nauman will devote time to discuss any concerns you may have and answer all your questions.

What is a sports physical?

Sports physicals consist of both taking a thorough medical history and conducting a physical examination. The purpose of the physical examination portion is to evaluate an athlete’s general health, as well as ensure that he or she is fit to participate in the particular sport chosen. Dr. Nauman assesses the patient’s risk for injury and may uncover possible health conditions that could appear while the child or teen’s body is under stress of participating in a competitive sport. Dr. Nauman may recommend a tailored strengthening program or other forms of preparation to better enable her patient to endure and succeed in sports competition.

What does a pre-op exam entail?

Whether your child needs ear tube surgery, tonsillectomy or dental work, Dr. Nauman will conduct a thorough pre-op exam and necessary blood testing. She will also answer questions on what to expect to put both you and your child at ease.